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I attended Liberty University for the fall semester of 2002 and i have to say it was the worst experience of my life...A remember thinking to myself in the MANDATORY convocations (which were held three times a week) on how Jerry would always say "Jesus Christ can make us all free" and i would think "Then why is this school so restrictive on everything?" Liberty University chooses to fight the wrong battles such as battles on hair length, clothing, music, television, and even un-tucked shirts. Instead they should be focussing more on the spiritual aspects of their students and at Liberty I saw no compassion towards that at all. They have very restrictive rules such as no hair on the ears of guys, no shorts in any building, no male piercings, no piercings in girls besides in the ears (and only three allowed per two in the lobe and one of the cartledge) and a ridiculous 12:30 curfew on weekends.
DateTime: 1/13/2003 3:13:06 PM

As a lifelong Christian growing up in an Evangelical church, I find that this site is right on. Unfortunately, many Christians are like blind sheep. Falwell and others of his ilk are an embarassment to our religion. Those who criticize the site publishers for not reading the Bible the whole way through, don't understand the Bible themselves. The Bible is filled with outdated irrelevant laws that were written for a specific culture for a specific period in human history. It is the fundamentalists who distort God's word, just as fundamentalists in other relgions do. Chrisitianity is a vital religion and the Bible is important mediator between God and his people but not under the hands of people like Falwell.
USA - Monday, April 15, 2002 at 10:15:15 (CDT)
Gary, I live near Falwell land, in Williamsburg, Virginia. I read about your website in our local newspaper, and decided to have a look at it. Great job--the fact that shows like the 700 Club are on television is pretty scary. Hypocrisy seems to be his main goal in life. He criticizes the media as being bunch of crazy liberals with the intention of showing how biased they are in his eye, but in reality the 700 Club is terrible in its bias--anyone with knowledge of what's really going on is pretty easily sickened by watching his "news." I praise you for your efforts--both in going against this man who has gone quite astray and also in your pro-life work. Keep up the great work!
USA - Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 15:31:51 (CDT)
As a conservative Christian who shares many of your theological interpretations yet who believes that "all have fallen short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23), I condemn your ugly remarks as cheap shots to bolster your own narrow agenda. If your intent is to list things for which we as a people might collectively fall under God's judgment, why would you conveniently omit the obvious -- selfishness, haughtiness, indifference, partiality, slander, pride, cruelty, and self-righteousness -- unless your motivation (and unseemly partisanship) isn't in fact fueled by poisonous contempt and bias?
Sonia Balcer Sonia Balcer Sonia Balcer
USA - Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 14:33:29 (CDT)
I know that the Catholic Church espouses evolution and that the Bible is not to be taken literally. The odd thing about the fundamental Christians who take the Bible as 100% true--even the Jews do not take the Old Testament literally. One example--and there are many, many others--fundamentalists take the story of Ruth as historical fact. However, Jews understand the story to be allegorical, teaching that sometimes the most observant "Jews" aren't Jews at all, but are outsiders, like Ruth, a Moabite. The story was written at a time when many religious leaders were teaching that the problems fallen upon the Jews were caused by foreigners in their midst, yeilding scapegoats for the problems that beset the Israelites. The author of the Ruth story showed Ruth's love and devotion to her mother-in-law. There are many such examples--Jonah is another. Unfortunately, fundamental christianity doesn't teach or encourage independent analysis or the deeper meaning of the Bible stories. It seems to me to be a shallow faith, based on a simple understanding of stories learned as children.
USA - Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 14:22:47 (CDT)
I grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia. At the beginning of his "ministry" in the 60s, Jerry Falwell attracted a following by appealing to the prejudices and racial fears of certain Lynchburg area residents. He started Lynchburg Christian Academy, the precursor to his Liberty University, specifically so his children would not be schooled with black children. In the years since then, he methods haven't changed. However, since he began his ministry, he correctly read that his racially tinged message was no longer palatable to most Americans. But he built an empire and great personal power and wealth by appealing to the worst in basically good people. It worked in the 60s, and unfortunately, it works today. In the years since the 60s, he has gone from literally being considered in Lynchburg as being from "the wrong side of the tracks" to weilding such power that most in that city are afraid to speak critically of him.
USA - Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 14:18:07 (CDT)
Hey everyone, This is such a cool web sight. I myself know the exploits of Dr. Falwell all to well being as I am a former resident of Lynchburg and its surrounding communities. Presently I am Graduate Student getting my Masters in Theological Studies in Colorado because of people like Dr. Falwell. If you want to read more about this man Check out "The Unauthorized Biography of Jerry Falwell" written by two of my Professors from Lynchburg College Dr. Price and Dr. Goodman. It is a hoot. After this was written my College was deemed by Him as the "Pervyor's of Satan". Another experience with his ilk was when a student of his Univerisity (Liberty Univerisity)checked out books at our school library and refused to return them, even though a professor need them for classes he was teaching. The student's response to the schools request of returning the books was "I am doing God's work, therefore I have a right to keep them as long as I need them". Subsequently Liberty student's are banned from checking book out of the Lynchburg College Library. Another interesting event with students of his Univeristy was in 1997 (I think) when he had a guest speaker at his School for thier Sunday services,(which all students are required to go to. The person was an Anti-Abortionist radical kook who got the student all riled up. The next day a group of student from Liberty, filled with the religious vigor so instilled by the speaker, illegally entered into one of the local public High Schools and started harrassing the students. Trapping them up against locker's calling them sinner's and they were going to Hell because the school was teaching evolution and other Fundementalist Diatribe. Dr. Falwell condemned this publicly, but all charges brought against the group were dropped by the local authorities. Lastly when I was a child going to a Camp in North Carolina, his people became very involved in the camp and turned it into a Fundementalist haven. I had his nephew in my cabin, the kid was treated like gold, and he was such a A-hole too. The years before his followers came to this camp it was a normal peaceful place to go. The last year I went I had the religious scaring of my life. Fire and Brimsestone Services on Sunday. And I even had a counselor tell me "If the fish I just caught died, I would go to Hell for killing one of God's creatures". Of course to a 10 year old, as I was, this was extremely tramatic and turned me off to religion for years. There is more. But I will save this for later. Thanks, Chris Tuttle (Survivor of Jerry)
USA - Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 17:06:22 (CDT)
Jerry Falwell espouses a belief in a very, very small god. Jerry's god is vengeful, jealous, manipulative, spiteful--a god very much created in the image of man. There is nothing devine in Jerry Falwell's god. It is not the God I worship who, by the way, I was taught and I believe loves all his creation unconditionally, not just members of Thomas Road Baptist Church or Southern Baptists but also Catholics, Buddhists, Hindi, Baha'i, Presbyterians, agnostics, Lutherans, atheists, Muslims, Jews and whomever else I have left out. That all-loving, all inclusive God is the only God worth worshipping.

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