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Gary all the so-called preachers on TV are nothing but blood suckers, and this will shock you but, here goes! starting with the first and formost #1 Billy Graham,Oral Roberts,also his son-Oral-Jr,Jan & Paul Crouch,at TBN, and all that's on that Network, Benny Hinn, Fla,Rod Parsley,Cols,O. Robert shuller, California. The fraudlent workers are everywhere, not one of them represent the Lord of the Bible, or the Apostle Paul, They served others, these men do not, they are money suckers, and High rollers, and live off of the poor, tell me do any one of them live like our Lord, do any live like the Apostle paul, these are my Hero's there are no others on this planet, all of these men, that are blood suckers or not Representing the God of the universe, they are nothing but reprsentatives of the slanderer, Satan himself, Satan's ministers are ministers of light, for Satan is a messenger of Light, he and they misquote the scriptures all the time, my Bible say's be testing all things with God's Holy Word. Then you cannot go wrong, all these men and many more are false representatives of God.It is no hard task just study you Bible and you will see for yourself. and-so-it-goes!

Sumner M.

PS. Gary, don't worry it will all turn out all right, for God is operating "All" according to the cousel of His will. (-not-wish-) Eph.1:11. Nothng can catch God by suprise, we live and move and have our being in Him, He is in Charge of all the movements of Humanity! (-All-) All is the consequence of His decree! God is not running a Lotto for his creatures nothing is by Chance, or by accident, He - God say's He know's the end from the beginning, If such be the case, then He controls every step of the way to the end or His Goal to be achieved, which is to be "All" in "All" which He will! Read, the 15th chapter of Corinthians, and let it soak in!

Read:Romans.11:36. "All" is of God"!*****All is out of God, all is through God, and All is for God! EvenSatan Himself after he has served his purpose, Satan himself will be brought back to his creator. Col.1:20. read that also!

"All" is the Consequence of His decree!---Period. It is He that sittith upon the circles of the earth, and the inhabitants there-of are but as grasshoppers! and that is us.

Remember; The Apostle Paul is the Apostle to the World, No other was in that class! He alone gives us our marching orders, He it is , Christ gave the latter revelations too. The secrets hid from the foundation of the earth in God and now revealed to Paul in the third Heaven, where He spent 3yrs with his Lord, He saw and head things that he copuld not speak and was not allowed to, what he did say men don't believe anyway, anymore than they believed christ when He walked the earth, of course He did not speak the deep things of God like paul did! and-so-it-goes! and good night all!

While I am a card carrying Republican. I Salute your stand on the Idiot Falwell.

If that radical pursues a lawsuit against you, I hope that you will keep us informed so that I can rally my TRUE republican brothers to support you in your endeavor.

GREAT JOB Gary, It's the Falwells of this country that will be our downfall.

Rob Rastovich


I sincerely apologize beforehand to anyone who reads my article, if upon reading it, your faith or belief in God is diminished. This is not my intent. Its main purpose is to have open-minded people peruse the article and offer feedback on whether our religious beliefs need to be brought up to the 21st Century.

WE THE PEOPLE of this world hereby proclaim that forthwith we will use common sense in deciding whether to live in peace or die for a cause that history in the future shall wonder whether God was misunderstood by the masses of a bygone era. We will ponder and find the answers to the questions:

1. As Christians, Moslems, Jews and other denominations, should we still today use the Torah, Koran, Bible and other quotes or writings by prophets as a road map to God, or use these writings as references to a newer road to God which is safer, wider and leads there directly ?

2. Is the God Of War who sought revenge, killed the masses through floods and wars, who was the God of Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Muhammad, the same God of today who wants all souls to co-exist in peace and tranquility for eternity ?

3. Was the spiritual realm where God exists in another dimension ever breached by a man named Jesus ? Was Jesus the son of God, or a prophet and the son of a man and woman ?

4. Did God ever, and will he ever in the future, interfere with anything that happens on this earth, or is God and the Devil being blamed for our problems and bad decisions ?

5. Did the prophets of the past ever make contact with, talk to, and receive spiritual revelations from God, or were their inspirations from God possible misinterpretations ?

6. Do we, who are living in the 21st century, need to follow the teachings of prophets who lived in the past, or can we be inspired, directly by God, without intermediaries ?

7. Does the devil and other spirits exist or were they invented by man to frighten people to believe that the devil would claim the soul of those who did not believe in God ?

8. Did God always exist or did God possibly come into existence with the first soul striving to merge and co-exist with other souls; combining their knowledge and expanding their intelligence with the addition of each soul into an eternal existence ?

9. Is our purpose for living to have our body and soul die, or to lead a good productive life, expand our knowledge, help our fellow man, and upon our physical death, to have our soul be received by God into an eternal harmonious life through eternity.

Who Created God ?

God exists in a spiritual dimension and is a union of souls which was created when the first reasoning entity ceased its existence in this dimension and entered the spiritual realm. God's intelligence is ever expanding and grows with the addition of each soul. Every soul is like a separate cell or atom on earth which combines with other cells or atoms to make up the existence of every living person, plant, animal and even the air which sustains all life; so also do souls perform, either individually or in unison. Any soul or spirit that is not with God can not exist, and dies.

God, also known as Allah, Yahweh, Lord, Supreme Being, Jehovah, etc., is a spirit of peace. When the body dies, the deserving soul is received by God into a peaceful co-existence with other souls for eternity. The souls of Prophets, philosophers, holy men, our deceased relatives and even the simplest souls who by their love of humanity and exemplary living, have helped to shape the lives of others, will be there. Prophets of past who claimed to have a personal contact with God, had been inspired by God, thereby interpreting this ecstasy to the best of their ability; and applying this wisdom to a time when it was believed that a holy man had to have direct contact with God; today we know that interactions between dimensions is not a reality. This God will not strike you dead with a lightning bolt or condemn you to eternal hell fire and damnation if you do not follow the teachings of your fathers or spiritual leaders, or pray to him constantly. This was a war-like god. He was as necessary at that time as every king, dictator, war lord, and tribal leader who fought and died by the sword. The God of Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus and other Prophets, is the same as the God of today. God will not interfere with anything that is done on earth. Today, we can receive inspiration without intermediaries. Just as radio frequencies are transmitted through space, requiring a transmitter and a receiver, we can receive the blessings of God to guide our daily lives.

The destruction of civilizations, most sufferings and premature deaths are due to our frailties, our stupidity or human imperfections, not God's or the Devil's doings. The greatest fallacy is beliefs that split people, religions and countries. Too many lives have been lost in an illogical attempt to force our beliefs on others. Martyrs, who by their actions, cause the death of others and cause another soul to die before that soul has had the opportunity to obtain absolution from God, will not achieve their goals of ultimately being with God.

Prayers are for our benefit, God does not need our prayers. We need to pray for guidance to comprehend the purpose of our existence. Through prayers and meditation, inspiration peace and tranquility can be received by our spirit. Harmony with God requires the spirit to be at peace. Our prayers should ask for inspiration and guidance from God to enlighten us and transform our daily lives by being honest, humble, grateful, full of love and good works. Churches, mosques, temples and gathering places help our spirit to rejoice and come closer to the unity and peace of God.

A person afflicted by bodily sufferings can at times be closer to God than one who is in daily turmoil and obsessed with acquiring and hoarding wealth for himself, rather than sharing and making life bearable for the needy. Our only purpose in life is to expand our knowledge and to strive for a peaceful co-existence with an inspirational guidance from God; so as to co-exist with our spiritual partners in harmony through eternity.

Our earth is just a miniscule place in the vast expanse of the universe. God is the supreme intelligence that will guide us by inspiration; the building of other life forms of this universe. Ecstasy cannot aptly describe a soul's participation in this great undertaking. All our questions will be answered because God is like the storage of all knowledge that can be tapped by every soul and still operate in unison.

Drugs, alcohol or any substance which interferes with, or suppresses the spirit and retards our clear thinking should be avoided. The spirit will rejoice and grow stronger through our appreciation of the beauty of nature, music, song and art. A stronger spirit is closer to God and inspirations from God will guide and heal the mind and soul.

About The Author

My belief originated in 1956 when I was 15 years old. I had double pneumonia and I thought that I would surely die. I was born in Lithuania in 1941 and my family had to flee to Germany in 1945 when Russia occupied our homeland. In 1950 we immigrated to America. When I became ill in 1956 my father took me to a doctor who gave me a penicillin injection and recommended immediate hospitalization. We had no medical insurance or money, so my father took me home to recuperate. I remember the drive home vividly. Every breath was extremely painful and my chest felt as though a great weight was upon it. I watched cars and trucks drive by and I wondered how people could make long term plans when life was so unpredictable. At home I read the bible every waking moment and prayed to God to save my soul.

Several nights later, whether in a dream, by inspiration, fever induced fantasy, or some unexplainable reason, I was in a place with a gathering of spirits. I felt the greatest peace, tranquility and ecstasy. I felt a rapture that was beyond a person's imagination. I felt as if I was a part of God. I was mentally communicating and in sync with everyone; all the prophets of the bible, many historical people whom I had read about, many deceased acquaintances and relatives. There was no dominant force, no forceful leader. I somehow knew who everyone was. Every thought was interacted with the whole community. I had no questions; it seemed as if everything was revealed and crystal clear. I saw the universe stretched out before us like a vast expanse with spirits engaged in mental interaction like master craftsmen contemplating the creation of a new frontier.

Kurt G. Kawohl

Reprinted with permission

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