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(A letter written to Diane Sawyer at ABC News)

Dear Diane,

"Your religion is wrong, and you are going to hell!"

This what 80% of the planet hears every time some religious "leader" tells us that God gave his only son to die for our sins.

Only 20% of the people on this planet believe that we MUST go through Jesus to get to God and heaven. The rest of us are secure in "knowing" that God loves us, and we need no middleman to intercede.

The reason I am writing you is to express my displeasure with your network airing that interview with Billy Graham's son Franklin.

The world is looking for answers, and he doesn't offer any. Instead he brushes off your comments about Jerry Falwell, as taken out of context. This is because Graham and most of these TV Preachers believe that "we" are to blame in some sick guilt-by-sin fabrication.

Many people cannot accept that life is a series of random events. They try to figure out how we are to blame. People like Falwell blame the gays, lesbians, any other non-(biblical) conformists for God's wrath. They think t hat since something bad happened, then there must be a direct correlation to some bad behavior on our part. But that is like trying to get 2+2 to equal 5.

Please make better choices when giving us a spiritual leader to comfort us. People like Falwell, and Graham can only divide us with their proselytizing.

We (American citizens) are not individually responsible for this attack as some religious people assert. The attack is the result of many factors, some of which a clear thinking rational person cannot even conceive of, such as religious "martyrdom".

What the terrorists did was wrong, and cowardly. Remember though, every missionary that goes into these countries and tells the people that Jesus is the only way to salvation is really saying: "Your religion is wrong, and if you don't change your religion to our religion, then you will burn in hell."


Gary Cohn, President

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