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It was the 1600s, and the land we know today as the United States was inhabited mostly by the Native Americans, commonly called Indians. The Indians have lived on this land, and worshipped God for over 10,000 years, thousands of years before Judaism and Christianity.

The air was clean, the rivers ran pure enough to drink from, and there was plenty of Bison to eat.

That all was about to change when the settlers came to take the land.

At first the Indians got along with the settlers as the settlers needed the Indians' help and food.

The Indians worshipped God in ways unknown to the settlers, and the settlers thought that the Indians were savages because they did not follow the ways of the settlers.

The settlers tried to force the Indians to reject their God and worship a new God named Jesus. But the Indians were loyal to God and rejected the new God Jesus. This angered The settlers, and they decided that if the Indians would not worship Jesus, then it was ok to starve and kill them.

The settlers killed millions of Bison to starve the Indians, and yet the settlers wasted the food, and did not eat it. Many Indians starved, and prayed that God would punish the settlers. The settlers killed babies, and women Indians, and enslaved many of the Indian men. The settlers stole the land of the Indians, and drove them out of their hunting grounds and on to reservations that were like prisons.

The settlers dumped sewerage into the clean lakes and rivers, and the Indians no longer had safe water to drink. The Indians prayed to God to help them, and then in the land now known as Chicago there was an outbreak of cholera, and many settlers were killed.

The settlers continued to destroy the land, and the Indians prayed to God for the settlers to stop. Then in 1871 came a great fire that burned the city of Chicago , and along with it many settlers and their churches were destroyed.

Many years passed, and the settlers took even more land from the Indians, and enslaved many in the land now known as California. The Indians prayed to God for help, and then the ground shook, and thousands of the settlers were killed in the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. The settlers churches fell to the ground, and the Indians thought that the settlers would give them their land back, as they had prayed for.

The Indians tried to hide from the settlers, but the settlers were determined to force them to turn away from their God, and pray to the new God Jesus. Resistance was futile, and soon many of the Indians were now forced to worship Jesus. Their lives were now horrible. They were starving, and with their land stolen, they had no way to support themselves, or care for their children.

The Indians continued to pray to God, and there were great hurricanes, droughts, and floods that killed thousands of the settlers and destroyed many churches, yet the settlers refused to give the Indians their land back.

The settlers were proud of how they had helped the Indians, and continued to help other people (in the same way) in other countries throughout the world.


All of the "natural disasters" mentioned in this article are documented facts. Did God lift the veil of protection to punish the settlers? Only God knows.

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