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Dear visitor,

Thank you for giving me a second chance to express my views about the WTC terrorist attack.

While it is true that in my heart I believe that God is punishing our nation, I now know the real reason that God is so angry.

We have been claiming to be a God-fearing, and a scripture following nation, but we have only been "cherry picking" the Bible.

If you think that the Bible is a morality guidebook, to pick and choose from, then you should leave now.

If you believe as I do that the Bible is the word of God to be followed, then we must follow the entire Bible.

God has commanded men not to shave their beards (Leviticus 21:5). That means we must never cut or trim our beards, or we will go to hell for disobeying God.

I am asking that all American men stop shaving at once. We must show God that we are faithful to ALL of his commandments.

As you can see I have stopped shaving my face.

Over $1 billion dollars a year is spent on shavers, razors, shaving cream, and those small round band-aids. If we all stop shaving as God has told us to, we will be spared from his wrath, and can give the $billion to feed the hungry and house the home less!

Please join me in my mission to make this the

P.S. You must not ask yourself what would Jesus do, you must ask what DID Jesus do! Jesus did not cut his beard, and wants us to also follow God's word in order to be a righteous nation.

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